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Now I’m like a different person!

I joined Fit Missions because I wanted to try something new, the regular gym wasn’t really doing anything for me & it always felt like a chore! Now I’m like a different person - gutted if I have to miss a class. ⠀ I love how I’m constantly learning and pushing myself, even if it means crying over broken nail along the way! I even did a comp which I never thought I would do in a million years. ⠀ It’s the best way of life don’t think I’ll ever look back now.



The coaches really took the time to ensure I knew what I was doing.

Being ex-Navy and a GP I like to keep fit. I was enjoying going to a local gym, but it just didn't offer enough classes to fit around my busy job. I prefer to train in a class setting, and had wrongly assumed that FM was a DIY gym and this put me off. Once Ryan joined, I realised that FM offered loads of different classes at times that would suit my busy life, and I loved the idea of me and Ry training together. The induction was daunting, new terminology, new exercises and a barbell, but the coaches really took the time to ensure I knew what I was doing. Everyone was so friendly and supportive and I knew I had made a great choice.



I am probably the healthiest I have ever been.

I started CrossFit to improve my fitness so as to mitigate injuries from other sports – over 20 years of skiing, climbing, mountaineering, and mountain biking has taken its toll (pretty much every part of me has been broken, battered and bruised over time). CrossFit combined with yoga, massages, and PT offered at the gym mean old injuries are much less of a problem. I am probably the healthiest I have ever been.




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